Talking Chief

Translations all around the world.

We cover North, Central and South American languages.



We are a group of translators networking together to serve all your translations needs.

Our  network covers from Australia and Chile to the South as well as the USA and Canada to the North.


It is easy!
First you email us your document (preferable Microsoft Word) as an attachment. Please indicate what language you need your document to be translated into. (e.g. English, Spanish, French, Portuguese).


 Upon receipt we will send for your approval:

· a quote

· a sample translation

· delivery date

o For long texts:

o When the source (your) text exceeds 500 words, we will send you:

          estimated volume (words number) of delivery

          frequency of delivery (daily, weekly).

After your approval we do the actual job and  send you the translation or first long text translation delivery. After receiving your delivery payment thru PayPal we send you the following delivery and so on until the task is completed.

Our rate is negotiable. Average rate being US$0.10 a (source) word. We consider high volume discounts as well as special charges due to rush and/or special requirements.

A deposit could be asked for at the time of contracting  our services.

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